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What educators are saying

"There just isn't any other way that I have found to give kids continuous review on so many concepts and also individualize the skills they need.”
Tara Crebs
"In class results of what the students are learning have been excellent."
Leslie Estep
Curriculum Director
“I just love how [Get More Math] builds and builds!"
Kyle McKibben
"Another big thing for me was how the program tracked the priorities for each student and gave them extra practice on what they needed to work on most. Without the program, it was nearly impossible to do this."
Lari Gallaher
"Loving Get More Math…just wish I would’ve had the program sooner. It’s extra exciting when they’d rather score higher problem points than spend their money on things (they love this also)…I really hope to be using this program indefinitely."
Zachary Starry
Middle School Teacher
"I was so excited to see Get More Math... having another way to spiral through skills with my students to review old skills had me optimistic."
Shawna Rice
Urban Pathways
"I still can’t believe this has all happened! I had no clue that going to see an amazing teacher teach would turn into my entire classroom structure/teacher techniques becoming revolutionized!"
Kimberly Promutico
Middle School Math Teacher
“Get More Math has had a really positive impact on my students' retention. The problems that they're able to do without any assistance are incredible!”
Tiffany Smith
Middle School Math Teacher
“The kids have used the time and I believe answered more problems using the computer than the traditional book work and that is the most important part because they have stayed on-task and made progress with their skills as a result.”
Jeff Swarr
Special Education Teacher
"Students can see all of those skills over and over again and those deficits get addressed without major one-on-one remediation with me."
Carla Novreske
Teacher, Chesterton IN