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Evidence and Results


Results You Can See!

Teachers using Get More Math are finding great results in student achievement and growth. The graphic to the left shows the improvement a pilot school cohort attained over their predicted scores on the Pennsylvania Keystone Algebra I Exam using our online math practice software. Scroll down to find details about this group of students and to discover more evidence-based results for Get More Math.


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Research Based Cognitive Science

Digital Promise - Product Certification
Digital Promise – Product Certification – Research-Based Design

As educators, we often focus on getting information into students’ brains. Research shows that recall, or intentionally drawing information out of the brain, is one of the strongest contributors to long-term retention. In mathematics in particular, students can’t just read over their notes to “review”; they need to be DOING the math!

At Get More Math, we still believe that teachers are the experts in instructional delivery and guiding students through review and application. We’ve employed the power of technology to allow teachers to build assignments that appropriately space, vary, and interleave retrieval practice and empower teachers to help students master mathematics.

Committed use of Get More Math binds recurring formative assessment to continual differentiated practice. Our software leverages research-based retrieval practice to break the forgetting cycle through individualized, spiral review sessions.


Other References

“As a part of the RTI process, we have seen 76% of STAAR failures pass Round 2 with only 1 month of GMM intervention... Get More Math has played a key role in recovering gaps in curriculum that go much deeper than the current grade level.”
Amanda Powers
Lufkin Middle School