Spiral Review
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Skill Retention

Effective Spiral Review

Forgetting Cycle
with Josh Britton

Josh Britton, Founder and CEO of Get More Math! Listen to Josh describe a solution to the cycle of learning and forgetting during the school year and advocate for daily spiral review.

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Improve Long-Term Skill Retention

Get More Math helps students succeed, boosting student engagement and skill mastery. The result? Significant improvements in year-end exams.

Powerful Teacher Features

Teachers determine exactly what skills the students will practice for initial mastery. Further customize your experience under Settings to enable and disable features, rewards, goals, exams, games and offline settings.

Key Benefits of Spiral Math Practice

Math students experience a constant influx of new content throughout the school year, which can lead to a ‘forgetting cycle’: learn it, test it, forget it.  Learn more about the benefits of online spiral review and share the guide with your colleagues.

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If you have been enjoying free access this school year, we trust you are seeing improvements in student motivation, achievement, and grades. If you would like to continue using Get More Math into the next academic year, please request a quote and put an order in before July 31.  See our pricing page for volume discounts. We also have site license and multi year discounts available.  

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