Created by a Math Teacher

Josh Britton started creating Get More Math early in his 20-year math teaching career. He was tired of the ‘forgetting cycle’ — watching kids work hard through each unit, then forget most of their learning gains by the end of the year. Josh built Get More Math to deliver daily spiral review sessions individualized for each student. After Josh’s students achieved excellent long-term growth, he decided to share his system with math teachers everywhere who want to break the math forgetting cycle.

The first version of our software was created in 2005. Continually used, refined, and improved by math teachers and students, Get More Math has developed into a powerful tool for math teachers everywhere.

Josh loves teaching kids to think mathematically. Every year since he started as a math teacher in 1996, he experimented with best practices for teaching. He started developing the online math practice and spiral review software to help leverage his time in the classroom and, especially, ensure that all kids, regardless of aptitude, were able to grow their math skills.

Why did Josh make Get More Math?

Hear from our founder, Josh Britton, about why he got into teaching, what lessons he learned, and how Get More Math helps students better retain mathematical concepts.