Get More Math Introduces Student Standards Reports, Providing Real-Time Insights Into Students’ Mastery of State Math Standards

The all-new Student Standards Reports provide educators with relevant, up-to-date information on students’ mastery of state math standards and where to pinpoint instruction


Get More Math, a tool designed to break the math forgetting cycle, introduces Student Standards Reports, providing administrators, curriculum coordinators, coaches, and teachers with real-time insights into every student’s mastery of important state math standards. 

Based on data gathered from daily spiral review, the Student Standards Reports help educators assess mastery based on every student interaction over time. While other tools rely on point-in-time mass diagnostic exams, the Student Standards Reports provide up-to-the-moment precision for understanding each student’s progress—without taking any valuable class time. 

“Educators often lack tools to monitor long-term mastery of a whole year’s worth of math content,” said Josh Britton, CEO of Get More Math. “The Student Standards Reports help educators not only understand and measure where their students are pacing on each state standard, but better target instruction throughout the school year to set students and their districts up for success during state testing in the spring.”

These reports will be available to select beta customers in Texas by July 1, 2022. Get More Math will release additional reports summarizing aggregate data throughout the summer and the Student Standards Reports will be available to schools and districts nationwide this fall. 

To learn more about Get More Math, see or visit the Get More Math team at booth #3127 during the ISTE 2022 conference in New Orleans, LA. 

About Get More Math 
Get More Math software helps teachers break the math forgetting cycle in grades 3–11 with targeted practice that combines new material with spiral review to enhance long-term retention. More than 3,100 skills help teachers implement scaffolding, provide remediation, and gain an understanding of prior grade level exposure. Get More Math is designed to complement—not replace—existing math instruction and integrate with curricula. Get More Math is used in all 50 states. To learn more, please visit