Teacher Appreciation Week – Melissa Nolt

It’s Wednesday, which means Get More Math is in the middle of Teacher Appreciation Week shoutouts! Each day this week, we’ll be profiling a GMM teacher whose dedication and commitment to their students is worth sharing.

Yesterday, we got to know April O’Dell from Dover Elementary School a bit better, and on Monday we highlighted Linda Yahr from Owen J. Roberts Middle School. Today, let’s meet Melissa Nolt from Manheim Central Middle School. Melissa is graduate of Millersville University and an 8th grade math teacher who’s been helping kids for 15 years.

Wednesday: Teacher of the Day!

Melissa - Why did you become a teacher?

For the ability to impact and encourage others, both students and colleagues, each and every day.
Melissa Nolt
8th Grade Math

What was your most memorable teaching moment?

When students take the time to visit or write years later to say thank you for making an impact on their life.

Who was your favorite teacher?

Miss Groff. As a quiet and shy third grader, she took the time to invest in me and encourage me.

What is your favorite GMM feature?

There are so many and I feel like I’m only seeing the tip of the iceberg! I love the mixed review component and the way the program differentiates for each student, forcing students to engage and seek help. Each student is receiving what they need which allows me to provide support where it is most needed.

Tell us something unique about yourself.

I have run six half-marathons and just registered for my first full-marathon in November 2019!

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