Wednesday Webinar: Increasing Students’ Long Term Retention

If you’re a math teacher looking to give your 2018-19 school year a boost, you’ll want to tune in to our upcoming webinar!

For the unaware, Get More Math is a comprehensive online tool that increases mastery and retention throughout the year. Get More Math is effective because it provides a cumulative mixed review automatically differentiated for each student. The problem bank cover grades 4 through Algebra I and contains no instructional component. The program’s creator believed the best way for a student to learn is from a teacher. We are still offering unlimited use of Get More Math completely free, including training and support, for any new school, from now until the end of the 18/19 school year.

Join Erica Martin this Wednesday, October 17 at 7 p.m. EST/4 p.m. PST as she dives into the program and its many features. She will discuss both the practice and assessment components of Get More Math and will also look at some of the outstanding results seen in GMM classrooms.

Hear from Erica herself on what you can expect from this week’s webinar:

Click the following link to register for this webinar…we hope to see you there!