Priorities: The Solution to Long-Term Retention

Teachers and students alike have encountered the frustrating reality of forgetting something they worked hard to master just a few weeks before.

The problem of retention is well documented in the education world. Perfectly structured lesson plans will only get you so far. For your students to maintain excellence with the skills you’ve worked hard to teach and they’ve worked hard to acquire, they need practice.

Get More Math was designed in response to this very need. Frequent, mixed, cumulative review, or Priorities as we call it, is the backbone of GMM.

GMM keeps track of every problem assigned throughout the year and creates a master list titled Priorities. The moment a student has finished their assigned focused practice session, they transition seamlessly into Priorities mode. At its heart, GMM uses a specialized algorithm to analyze student performance. Based on this data, GMM delivers individualized practice sessions for each student that updates in real-time to fill the gaps in a student’s experience. 

The Priorities feature enables teachers to ensure that students achieve lasting mastery.