Teacher Highlight – Samantha Ulrich

Samantha Ulrich is a math teacher at Ephrata High School in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. She’s been teaching high school math for five years and has been using Get More Math since April 2016. We got in touch with Samantha to ask some questions about her experience using the program and to hear what advice she would pass along to new users.

How has using GMM changed the format of your class time?

I introduced GMM to all my classes on the first day of school, and use it daily in both of my Algebra classes. Early on I gave them assignments to review basic math and pre-algebra skills. I did not allow them to use a calculator and quickly saw their basic computational skills grow.

Each day I will teach a lesson then assign a five-question “check for understanding” quiz. Those who understand the concepts quickly can move on to using GMM, and get more practice without having to wait. This also helps me reach the students who are struggling after the lesson.

Can you identify specific ways in which GMM has positively impacted your students?

Because my students are using GMM regularly in Algebra, they are being more careful when solving problems. Some of my students are getting the remediation they need while others are getting the enrichment they need. GMM has made differentiated instruction so much easier to implement in my classroom. If there is any extra time in the day we use GMM to continue practicing both old and new skills. It really is amazing having GMM available to us. I can have students with me in a small group while others are productively working on GMM. Also, students know I can track their progress so they do not slack off. 

What is your favorite feature of GMM?

My favorite feature is how students get practice with the skills they need the most instead of the ones they have already mastered over and over again. GMM is very individualized.

What would you say to a new teacher just getting started with GMM?

I would say just try it! It may have bumps at first, but you and your students will learn how to properly use it.  GMM is definitely something all Algebra teachers should try!

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