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Get More Math Features

Every math teacher knows it’s hard to help students to learn a new skill, and even harder to make sure it sticks. Will a student retain new concepts next week — or next year? Get More Math is designed to ensure that the answer is YES!

More Student Interaction

GMM is designed to complement instruction, NOT replace it. Opportunities for personal teacher-student interaction are built into the system.

Initial Concept Mastery

The teacher chooses each day's focus area. Students stay focused on the new concept until they gain initial understanding, then automatically transition to mixed review.

Long-Term Retention

Math practice sessions include both new material and review of old concepts. More types of problems may be selected by the teacher as students progress.

Automate Routine Tasks

Real-time reporting offers current analytics for timely intervention opportunities.

Concept Breadth & Depth

Covering grades 3 up to Algebra I & II, Geometry & Integrated Math, Get More Math features over 3,000 types of problems with millions of dynamically generated variations.

Engaging User Interface

Progress icons keep students motivated to advance their skills, and rewards of games provide brain breaks.

Watch Teachers and Students Talk about GMM.

See why students and teachers enjoy Get More Math

When students understand, remember, and SUCCEED in math, it becomes more enjoyable! Get More Math is designed to help them do just that.