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Benefits for Students and Educators

Student Benefits


Easy to use

Students simply log in and do the math problem on their screen. They appreciate the clear directions and straightforward access to standard math symbols.


Engages Minds

Students stay engaged with the program through progress recognition, leaderboards and games.


Use Anywhere

Our technology-based solution works on any device with a browser and internet connection.

Teacher Benefits


Saves Time

A vast database of problems, differentiated mixed review, and automated grading allow for more teacher-student interaction.


Timely Interventions

Quickly identify struggling students using real-time data such as time spent on problem types and tallies of correct problems.


Adaptive & Personalized

Practice sessions are designed for each student’s needs, blending new material and ongoing cumulative review.



Improved Statewide Ranking

Increased student achievement and growth leads to improvement in standardized test results.


Happy Math Teachers

More efficient instruction means improved teacher job satisfaction and decreased teacher burnout.


Easy to Integrate

GMM is designed to complement (not replace) existing math instruction and integrate with curricula in districts nationwide.

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