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GMM Academy

The GMM Academy is a series of on demand self guided classes available for new users wanting to get the most out of Get More Math.  We do encourage all new teachers to either attend a live training or take these courses as you find the time. 

Course One: The Fundamentals

This is a high level overview
of why GMM is unique
and highly effective.

Course Two: Getting Started

Learn the basics of making classes, students, monitoring what happens during class, and how to set daily goals.

Course Three: Teacher Tips for a Successful Lesson!

Check out these helpful tips for creating practice sets and using GMM effectively.

Course Four: Tips for Structuring Your GMM Class

From bell to bell, what does a typical day with GMM look like? Explore best practices for proper integration of GMM in your classroom.

Course Five: Start! Set! Switch!

Explore three simple steps that will increase success and long term retention with Get More Math.

Course Six: Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our answers to the most commonly asked questions from our GMM teachers.

Course Seven: Speed Bumps Ahead!

What happens when your lesson doesn't go according to plan? Explore solutions to your the most common classroom hiccups.

Course Eight: Cool Teacher Features!

Take a deeper dive in to some of our most unique features that help keep students on track and teachers informed.
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