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Get More Math is your replacement for TenMarks!

ONE YEAR FREE Math Practice Trial

Math practice software made for teachers needing a TenMarks replacement.

Math teachers share a common frustration: kids forget! Get More Math is designed to help them remember. We give TenMarks customers free training for this innovative program. TenMarks Teachers will learn how select specific math objectives and build daily practice sessions tailored to the personal needs of each student. The daily math review and cumulative practice ensures long-term retention. The results speak for themselves!

Free Trial for the entire 2018-2019 School Year for every TenMarks customer.

bullet Develops concept mastery and long-term retention
bullet Instruction for grades 5 through Algebra 1
bullet Increase instruction time with automated practice
bullet Adaptive, cumulative practice sessions tailored to each student's needs
bullet Real-time data diagnoses individual and class needs

Get More Math empowers teachers to empower their students

Created by a math teacher for math teachers, Get More Math is a hyper-intelligent teacher’s aid that creates daily personalized assignments. By doing this, Get More Math helps TenMarks teachers reach each student like never before.

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A math practice application for both mastery and retention!

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