Updated Student Program and Colored Themes

The student experience recently underwent an update that brought a burst of colorful features. Most likely, your students have discovered the addition of colored themes in their settings menu.

In addition to a new color palette, this update provides helpful information in the toolbar. Starting on the left, your student can now easily see their points for the day and for the week. The game credit counter lets them know they can spend points on sending messages and playing games (games are coming soon!).

In the center of the toolbar, your students can now see the name and progress of the current assignment, or the words “Mixed Review” when the assignment is complete and they have transitioned into the cumulative review session.

On the right, you will find specific information indicating whether or not the selected problem is worth a point, or if the first attempt was incorrect.

Using the new student version? Have a favorite color? Let us know what you think by sending us an email or getting in touch with us on Facebook!