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Tips for Managing School Closures

(NOTE: Please check out our upcoming webinars.)

Are your students 1-1 with Internet access at home?

  • Set your students to Mixed Review at ALL times.
  • Increase your Skips to allow for more flexibility (Class Settings).
  • Consider pruning your Mixed Review to better reflect an even distribution of the skills covered so far this year.
  • Consider setting “office hours” where students can expect you to be online, so they can raise their hand and you can offer help or replace problems as needed.
  • Hear from a GMM Trainer with more details on this plan.

No Internet access at home?

  • Send your students home with targeted Mixed Review packets based on exactly what you’ve covered this year!
  • If you’re using our Web App find instructions for printing Worksheets here.
  • If you’re a using our Java app follow the directions below.
    • Classes Tab >> Choose a Class Folder
    • Click “Skills” Menu
    • Order by “Need” Column in ascending order
    • Check the box in the “Select” column for as many skills as you’d like to include in your packet.
    • Click “Worksheet” button and follow the prompts.
    • Repeat this process for each Class.

Professional Development Available NOW!

We have a 3-part training series available throughout the week to help increase your understanding and implementation of Get More Math.  Take advantage of this time away from the classroom and sign up here!