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Referral Program

What's in it for You?

Become a Get More Math Ambassador and Earn $20 for every active GMM teacher that signs up with your code.

What's in it for Them?

By using your code their trial will automatically be extended to 60 days instead of 30! They also have the option to upgrade to an "until-end-of-year" Pilot!

How does the referral program work?

Get your referral code

Sign up with the form below and get your unique code to share.

Talk to your friends

Share the power of GMM and your code with other educators via email, social media, text, phone or word of mouth.

Earn Gift Cards

Each month we will review our records and send rewards for each active GMM classroom teacher that used your code.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any GMM user with an account.

At the end of each month, we review teacher activity. If you earned a card, we will email you and offer a choice of vendors to get a card from. Then we will send you a link to redeem the virtual card.

No, share your code with as many people as you wish.

The new teacher must be associated to a verified school, have logged in at least 5 different days, used with at least 5 different students, that actively solve problems in GMM!

Sorry… rewards are only issued for new teacher accounts that have not used GMM previously.

Full year free access for new customers is still available through our school wide pilots.  This requires an administrator meeting and approval of participation and training requirements.  In short, they can still get it for a year if they include more people at their school! See Options

No, this program is for public or private schools affiliated with a local school district and has certified classroom teachers.

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