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Learn How to Join the Ranks of the Top Oklahoma Math Teachers.

Every math teacher can tell you the problem: kids forget! At best, they hold onto a skill just long enough to pass a unit test, then flush. At year’s end, the big state test covers everything in the course (plus some!) but the kids only remember the last two weeks. Commence frantic cramming!

Get More Math can help. We’ll train you (for free!) to use our math practice software.  Then as you go through your year, you will select from among your core objectives. GMM will include those skills in daily practice sessions built per student based on areas of greatest need.  Students will repeatedly cycle back through everything they’ve learned to ensure long-term retention.

Try out the student experience!

Built by a math teacher for math teachers.

Get More Math empowers you to tailor your instruction to the needs of your individual students and then make it stick in their long-term memory – not just until they take their next test. Josh Britton, a 20-year veteran  math teacher and the creator of Get More Math, has been refining the platform for over 13 years. After getting consistently amazing results and watching 78% more students pass Algebra than expected, he began sharing the platform with other teachers.

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