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Technology for Teachers

Teacher helping his students with computers in a classroomGet More Math teachers are empowered with a carefully crafted set of technology tools. Teachers assign skills to support classroom instruction and students are served optimal problems to build and retain learning. Historical and real-time reporting lets teachers see the specific places to help.

Teachers can use numerous Get More Math tools to enhance instruction, such as automatically generated cumulative tests (also automatically graded!), on-screen example problems, printed worksheet generation, targeted practices, and creation of curricula and assessments, based on a library of over 1000 problem types. All teacher created content can be shared with other teachers.

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Student Results

Get More Math students succeed. Teachers report transformed classrooms. In the school where the most teachers are using the system, they place top 10 in Pennsylvania standardized Algebra growth.

Top Reasons Students Love Get More Math

  • Colorful visual representation of weaknesses and strengths
  • Choice (but not too much) on which problems to work
  • Brain breaks: short games and messaging
  • Ability to ask for assistance, incognito
  • Immediate feedback on problems & assessments

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