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Powerful Teacher Features

Teachers determine exactly what skills the students will practice for initial mastery. Further customize your experience under Settings to enable and disable features, rewards, goals, skips, exams, games and offline settings.


Made by a
math teacher

Josh Britton, creator of GMM, loves teaching kids to think mathematically. Every year since he started as a math teacher in 1996, he has been experimenting with best practices for teaching. He started developing GMM to help leverage his time in the classroom and ensure that all kids, regardless of aptitude, were able to grow their math skills. 

School-wide Pilot

Improving long-term skill retention

Get More Math helps students succeed, boosting student engagement and skill mastery. The result? Significant improvements in year-end exams.


After the free pilot period.


  • Any public or private school campus in the North America.
  • Complete required training sessions.
  • Substantial participation by multiple teachers and at minimum 20 students.

School-wide Pilot