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About Get More Math

Math Skill Retention

Every math teacher knows it is hard to help students to learn a new skill, but even harder to make sure it sticks.  Will a student retain new concepts next week — or next year?

Get More Math is designed by a math teacher to ensure that the answer is: yes!  This math practice program builds math practice sessions for each student that include both new material and thorough review of old concepts and skills.  As the year progresses, the teacher can gradually select more types of problems for these sessions.  Every day, a student logs in to a new mix of practice problems, selected for her based on data collected during all her former sessions.  Is she weak on graphing?  There will be a graphing problem.  Is she a champ at multiplying decimals?  Probably there won’t be any problems of that type presented, although occasionally GMM will include one during a mixed review session to make sure she still remembers.

GMM Targets Math Mastery

When a student gets a problem wrong, he must correct it and then complete an additional, similar problem before moving to a new problem type. Also, GMM notes the error and ensures
that in following days this type of problem appears again.

Using GMM, students complete more math problems with greater variety and higher accountability.  As a bonus, students love using GMM!  They appreciate the ability to earn game time and instant messaging, as well as the option of competing with other students.  They like to see colorful skill indicators as they gradually advance levels.

Teachers can use numerous GMM tools to enhance instruction, such as automatically generated cumulative tests (also automatically graded!), printed worksheets targeting individual or class weaknesses, and creation of curricula based on GMM’s library of over 1000 problem types.  All teacher created content can be shared with other teachers.

Who Created Get More Math?

Josh ProfileJosh Britton, creator of Get More Math, loves teaching kids to think mathematically.  Every year since he started as a math teacher at Lampeter-Strasburg High School in 1998, he has been experimenting with best practices for teaching Pre-Algebra and Algebra.  For most of that time, he worked on software to ensure that each student masters the entire course content.