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Are you looking for a replacement alternative for TenMarks’ math practice software?

We would love to help! We’ll describe our system below so you can see if we might be a good replacement alternative for TenMarks. If so, we will gladly demo the system, teach you how to use it, and give you a free unlimited-use trial through July 2020.

Get More Math provides a powerful system for math practice sessions. Students receive both focused practice of new skills and mixed review of old skills to ensure strong year-long gains across your curriculum.

Here’s how it works on a typical day. Before class, you select a target concept from our ‘Problem Bank’ that covers about 1,400 topics from grade 4 to Algebra 1. In class, you teach the lesson – that’s your time to shine! Once you are confident that kids are ready to practice, they log in to Get More Math. Their sessions begin with focused practice of the target concept – let’s make sure kids really learn new material! As students show sufficient gains on today’s skill, they arrive at the best part of a GMM session – our ‘Mixed Review’ mode. Now it’s time to make sure kids remember old content.

We select problems for a student’s Mixed Review based on data collected during all prior sessions. Is a student historically weak on graphing? There will be a graphing problem. Is a student a champ at multiplying decimals? Then there probably won’t be a problem of that type, although occasionally GMM will include one to make sure the student still remembers.

Imagine using GMM practice sessions every day. Each student masters today’s skill and then works hard at addressing prior skills during Mixed Review. Over the year, the student keeps spiraling back through your entire content. Students end the year with long-term mastery of the concepts you’ve taught.

Replace TenMarks with Get More Math!

The best part about Get More Math? It’s absolutely free for you to use for the entire 2019-20 school year! That’s right – your school can get an unlimited free trial for the entire upcoming school year for as many math classrooms as you have. We’re also happy to have one or more of our expert staffers train you in how to best use the software and see the best results – again, for free.

How can we offer such an extensive free trial and free, dedicated training? Because we’re confident that Get More Math is a great replacement for TenMarks and will work as well for you as it has for so many teachers around the country. We feel strongly that once you see the power of GMM at work and your students start exhibiting major increases in both initial concept mastery and long-term retention, you’ll become the next happy Get More Math user for years to come.

Interested in learning more? Click here to replace TenMarks and sign up for your free Get More Math trial or drop a line to to get more information.